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Our student athletes responded to his presentation style and we will have him back.

— Dr. Jonathan Ravarino, Director of Psychology & Wellness, University of Utah Dept. of Athletics


Duane in various settings

I’m happy to tailor a speech or training  to meet your organization’s needs. I also have a number of preexisting and often requested keynotes/lectures and trainings that I’m happy to bring to your school, organization, team, or business. Below are some of my most popular offerings, with a brief description of each:


The Price of Brotherhood: uncovering the true cost of traditional masculinity.
Price of Brotherhood presentationAn updated version of Mad Men, Monsters & Misogynists, this keynote critiques current depictions of men and masculinity in various forms of media. It explores the ways we’re taught to act, dress, shave and smell like a man, and all the other ways we’re supposed to “man up.” I also examine the role these depictions play in supporting rape culture and encouraging violent and harmful male behavior. Finally, I consider some ways to challenge these messages and support more positive, uplifting masculine behaviors.

Mad Men, Monsters & Misogynists: depictions of masculinity and sexual violence.
MMMM Keynote logoThis keynote is an examination of current depictions of men and masculinity in media and the role they play in restricting male behavior and supporting rape culture. I also examine the role these depictions play in encouraging violent and harmful male behavior.


Interactive Trainings

ask. listen. respect. #consent
consentOne of the mistakes we make when doing consent education is encouraging people to talk and ask for consent without giving the opportunity for cognitive rehearsal (aka practice). This training was designed to give participants that opportunity using a fun group activity in which participants actually develop and practice discussing consent in their own words. Great for groups new to the concept of consent and/or those who are knowledgable, but still uncomfortable adding consent conversations to their sex lives.
(60-90 minutes, ideal for groups of 15-35 participants)

Bystander Intervention Training
Bystander Intervention presentationBystander Intervention (BI) is a set of techniques that anyone can use to safely intervene in a variety of troubling situations; from confronting microaggressions to stopping physically violent acts. BI techniques are great in practice and as a side benefit, after a bystander training participants leave the room feeling empowered instead of blamed and targeted. This interactive training combines multi-media with lots of discussion and opportunity for cognitive rehearsal. Great for students, as well as teachers, coaches and administrators looking to learn everyday intervention techniques.
(60-90 minutes, ideal for groups of 10-40 participants)

Other Services

Additionally, I’m happy to provide technical assistance with: recruitment of men, student group development, strategic planning, outreach campaigns or curriculum design.

Whatever you’re looking for, contact me to discuss your organization’s needs today.

…New country, new culture and Duane was flawless in his ability to deepen our instructors understanding of a new curriculum…

— Lee Paiva, Founder, No Means No Worldwide